Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Happened To All The Outtakes From Stanley Kubrick Movies

Oh, Stanley Kubrick, what did you do?

Here's Stanley Kubrick's friend and key assisstant through three decades, Leon Vitali, on why there are no 'gag reels' or even alternate takes of classic scenes from his movies, anywhere on his DVDs and BlueRays.

And Why There Never Will Be:

"Outtakes are something that (Stanley Kubrick) was really fussy about; I spent probably about four weeks altogether...."

no, no, no. don't go there...

"...but five days straight, I spent burning all of the outtakes for A Clockwork Orange"

for the love of...

"...and The Shining"

(uncontrollable shudders, dry heaving)

"and I burned all the outtakes frm 2001"

(hits floor)

"....and Dr Strangelove"

please...stop...someone turn it off...can't breathe

"....just burning all the outtakes in a dump – "

There is no God.

"...and there were tons of them, there really were."

And that movie lovers, that was Stanley Kubrick's fuck you guarantee to anyone who thought they might one day do 'directors cut' versions of his movies by slapping in alternate takes, for commerical re-release, after his death, or mess with his movies in anyway really at all.

His movies are now as he finished them, then.

And now they stay that way forever.

One hell of a last laugh, Mr Kubrick.

Leon Vitali Interview Quotes From Here