Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rupert Murdoch: I Don't Want To Bully The Community - Nazi-Obsessed Murdoch Tabloid Complains About "Poor Ethics"

By Darryl Mason

Front page Murdoch tabloid attacks on prime minister Kevin Rudd

Hard to believe the same person most responsible for the moral disintegration of newspapers in the West, and the destruction of dozens of competitor newspapers in Australia, actually once said this:
"I think the important thing is that there be plenty of newspapers with plenty of different people controlling them, so that there’s a variety of viewpoints, so there’s a choice for the public. This is the freedom of the press that is needed. Freedom of the press mustn’t be one-sided just for a publisher to speak as he pleases, to try and bully the community."
Rupert Murdoch, 25th July, 1967

OK, nobody's claiming he actually meant it. But he did say it.

In Australia, where Murdoch's newspaper still dominate only because they can lose tens of millions of dollars a year, Bully The Community has become the theme tune for his Sydney Daily Telegraph tabloid.

And, oh, ho ho ho, the Murdoch newspaper that potrayed Australian public servants, including the prime minister, as Nazis on its front page, now complains about "poor ethics" by its critics.

What the 'story' in Rupert Murdoch's The Australian (now losing millions every month) is really for is to once again launch an attack on Murdoch's "Tormenter In Chief" Tom Watson, one of the first British MPs to say "F..k You!" to the Murdoch British tabloids and begin exposing their dirty, filthy Hackgate secrets: 
The Daily Telegraph has vowed it will fight back against Media Watch accusing the ABC program of poor ethics by failing to offer a right of reply before a highly critical episode of the newspaper's election coverage was broadcast on Monday night.

This is the Media Watch dismantling of the Sydney Daily Telegraph's appalling front page election coverage:

Rupert Tweets, The Tele Repeats

The Australian:
Media Watch host Paul Barry took the newspaper and other News Corp Australia publications, including The Australian, to task for their coverage during the campaign, which has led to a fresh round of attacks from Kevin Rudd.
News political journalist Gemma Jones was singled out for her reporting in Monday's broadcast...

The Daily Telegraph's managing editor Trevor Seymour said Media Watch "certainly did not contact myself or the editor Paul Whittaker".

"Gemma has the newspaper's full support."
 How about publicly stated full support from Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker? Or Rupert Murdoch himerlf? Not so far.

Like it has done to so many others, the Daily Telegraph will use up Gemma Jones, they will drain her dry, keep her busier than a bee maintaining content supply, and then toss aside when she's no longer needed. Murdoch does this over and over, while those lucky enough to hang onto their jobs at Murdoch media, for the time being, gush about "Rupert's loyalty" like members of a cult.

The Australian:
The newspaper and its reporter will lodge an official complaint with the ABC and subsequent complaints with the Australian Communications and Media Authority. 
So why not just lodge it first and then write a 'story' about it? Becaue this is all about Murdoch's Telegraph trying to save the last gossamer-thin threads of its credibility, by diverting attention back to 'The ABC'. Pretty hopeless effort. The Daily Telegraph has almost no brand loyalty amongst readers. They could give a shit if the Tele has been blasted, unfairly.

Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has been photoshopped into a Nazi uniform on the Daily Telegraph's front page. Here's his thoughts on the Media Watch deconstruction of the Daily Telegraph:
"I think it should be mandatory viewing across the country," Mr Rudd said. "It's about a fair contest of ideas, about a fair go for everybody. It's about how, in fact, you have a proper, animated political debate about our plans for jobs, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and Mr Abbott's plan to cut each of the above."
Rupert Murdoch's journalists in Australia are too scared to even debate British MP Tom Watson:
The Australian has been told several senior News journalists were invited onto the panel on Q&A to debate Mr Watson, but they all declined, as did an editor...
All declined. Nobody from Murdoch's media was willing to take on Tom Watson, routinely described as "fat" across Murdoch gutter press. Are they simply cowards?

More likely, these Murdoch journalists and editors are crashing and burning and know the End Is Nigh for unprofitable daily tabloids like the Telegraph.

No-one, not even those employed by him, are so keen anymore to take out Rupert Murdoch's trash, or to try and polish his turds, anymore.

This is just one of the ways Australia's Murdoch media tried to potray the Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd as a Nazi. This was everywhere in Murdoch's online Australian media :


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