Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Newsweek Forgot The Conspiracy They Were An Active Part Of : To Lie America Into The Iraq War

In a fairly weak piece of clickbait (and the mainstream media knows 'conspiracy theories' are click magnets), Newsweek lists the following as "hip, trendy, least likely fringe beliefs" :
* Obama Is A Secret Muslim, With No American Birth Certificate

* FEMA Is Establishing Detention Camps For American Gitizens

* BushCo. Knew The 9/11 Attacks Were Coming

* Media Corporations Want Internet Licenses For All Users, IndieMedia & Bloggers

* AGW Is A Hoax

* Goldman Sachs Purposely Created Fragile Investment Bubbles And Then Bet On Them Failing
Incredibly, Newsweek uses this story to claim that business links tying the Bush and Bin Laden families together are just more "fringe" conspiracy theories.

And they wonder why their media is dying.