Monday, March 09, 2009

Stop Robot Nudity Now

By Darryl Mason

I suppose enjoying photos of stripped, naked, obviously talented young robots is something you're either into, or your not :

When we finally give robots something close to emotion, and free will, they will probably turn all moral and ashamed and try to take photos of their naked predecessors off the internet.

I think this process of censoring robot nudity must begin now. It's bad enough that they can already play jazz and the classics better than we can, but do they have to do it nude?

One day, all too soon, robots will be superior to us, bodily, mentally, emotionally, or close enough for most of us to think they are, and they will see us as wicked and uncivilised for not getting them into clothes, or some sort of covering, sooner.

Why must we wait? I've already had enough of robots striding around as naked as the day they were manufactured. Why should they be able to parade around with everything on display, when it is unacceptable in human society for a man to catch a train to work when he's not wearing any pants?

If you want to see naked robots before my new peoples' movement - Stop Robot Nudity Now - forces them all to start wearing clothes, the Boston Globe has a feast of near-nude, and full nude robot filth for your perverted post-human eyes.

And to think we are going to be sending them to other planets soon, so very, very nude.