Friday, March 06, 2009

Murdoch Media Proudly Admits To Using The Simpsons To Info-Dose Billions On Climate Change Doom

By Darryl Mason

A very, very interesting Green Corporate video from ex-Australian Rupert Murdoch's News corporation, detailing how Fox has been purposely seeding its most popular TV shows, and in particular its highest rating cartoon shows like The Simpsons, The Family Guy and King Of The Hill, with climate change doom warnings and eco-awareness messages.

TCFTV's Climate Change Commitment Video

Some of the key quotes from the Green Corporate Murdoch vid :
"What could we do on a practical level to start making a difference..."

"The biggest thing we've done is inserting messages about the environment into some of our content."

"The lifeblood of our company is the quality of our TV shows, and we would have accomplished nothing if we compromised that quality."

"....the most powerful way we could communicate the commitment on behalf of our company, was to change the practices within the production, as well as work in a message about global warming, about environmental changes, about empowering people to take responsibilities."
I never realised just how much I'd learned about the dire threats of global warming-induced climate change simply by watching immensely, globally popular Murdoch/Fox entertainments like The Simpsons and 24.

The last word in the Murdoch Green Corporate video, about how the most influential and powerful media company in the world has educated billions of people about the dire threat posed by global warming-induced climate change goes to an Al Gore clip from The Simspons :
"Finally I get to save the Earth with deadly lasers instead of deadly slide shows."