Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meteorite Crash Site In Peru Makes Villagers Sick

No Reports Of Cannibalistic Zombie Outbreaks...Yet

Any true zombie movie fan knows that meteorites cracking open and releasing alien viruses are most often to blame for entire populations of humans becoming cannibalistically brain-fixated.

Which makes the news from Peru today a little unnerving.

A large meteorite has slammed into the earth, leaving a massive crater, and villagers and police officers who went to investigate have fallen ill :
Peru's Andina News Agency reported today that Puno's Regional Health Directorate sent a group of specialists to the Carancas community in the province of Chucuito near Bolivia to take samples of a meteorite that supposedly landed in the area.

Jorge López Tejada, a representative for the institution, stated that an environmental cleaning crew was going to the area to take earth and water samples from the actual landing site and from surrounding areas.

...a health brigade, consisting of doctors and nurses would be sent to the landing site to aid people that had reported health problems after having gotten close to the supposed meteorite.

"Between 10 and 12 people have reported dizziness, migraines and in some cases vomiting. They assure that after having had close contact with the object the symptoms began," stated Tejada.

Furthermore, Tejada stated that check ups would be performed and that it had not been discarded that the symptoms could be related to the glowing object which fell from the sky.

"They are healthy people, it could be (due to) radiation, we don't know, we are assuming, it's worth investigating. Things will be clearer tomorrow," stated Tejada.

Radiation sickness would probably be the most likely explanation for the illness, though the symptoms appear to have come on very fast.

Other news reports claim villagers in the Desaguardero region, close to the Bolivian border, heard a huge explosion and many witnessed a fireball streaking across the sky. Some reports say villagers believed the fireball was a crashing plane.

A "strange odour" was reported to have been coming from the meteorite's crash site.

Seven policemen were dispatched to follow up reports from villagers. All seven police officers became ill, requiring oxygen. They were all taken to hospital. Rescue crews were dispatched to the site, and more people fell ill.

Locals reported seeing boiling water bubbling inside the huge crater - 6 metres deep, 30 metres wide. Weird.

Hopefully there'll be more detailed follow-ups in the next few days.

Unless of course it turns out to be crashed alien spacecraft and then you'll hear nothing about this story ever again.

And if it does turn out to be an extraterrestrial zombie virus that is making Peruvians sick, remember it could spread very fast and you can only kill your zombiefied brain-lusting friends and neighbours by major head wounds, or decapitation.