Friday, August 24, 2007

Canadian Police Admit They Sent Agent Provocateurs Armed With Rocks Into Peaceful Ranks Of Protesters

Incredible. Still can't work out why the Quebec police have come out and admitted they sent police officers, disguised as 'protesters',wearing hoods, and armed with large rocks, into a crowd of peaceful protesters but they've done officially done so.

Naturally the police claim the undercover officers were not acting as agent provocateurs - that is, sent in to spark violence so police had a reason to aggressively disperse the crowd - but that claim to innocence is next to worthless considering there is video evidence of the masked police officers armed with large rocks, ready to throw them at their own colleagues. The only reason they didn't start hurling the rocks is because protest organisers intervened, thus saving the police from being assaulted. By fellow police.

Go here for more on the build-up to this break news and the video which proves the agent provocateurs were supposed to spark violence amongst peaceful protesters.

As we asked in our previous story, how many of the violent, chaotic riots surrounding APEC and WO protests all over the world in the past six years were started by police in disguise? We'll post a selection of YouTube clips in the coming days to help make the point, but in almost every video of so called WTO and APEC protesters going nuts and kicking in the windows of Starbucks, or hurling barricades at police, the most violent of all are wearing ski-masks, or bandannas to hide their faces.

In the meantime, you can go look for yourself. YouTube has dozens of videos from the so-called 'Battle In Seatle' WTO meeting, showing masked people running amok, causing violence and damage, while police let them do their business, and protesters try to stop them.

This admission by the Quebec police should stand as a stark warning to everyone planning to march and protest during the early September APEC summit in Sydney, when 21 world leaders gather, including President Bush.

If you see anyone disguising their face, and acting aggressively, they must be singled out and isolated from the rest of the peaceful protesters. The rules of the game have now changed forever, thanks to the admission by the Quebec police.

If the use of agent provocateurs is a reality in Canada, then it is may also prove to be a reality in Sydney, considering police stated today that prisons have been cleared in anticipation of hundreds of arrests of protesters during a week of rallies and marches during the APEC summit.

Australian media must demand the truth from the state and federal police that they will not use masked agent provocateurs to stir up trouble amongst protesters who have no intention of causing violence and chaos.

Here's a major story from the Canadian media with more details of the admission from police :
The Quebec provincial police acknowledged in a statement Thursday that their agents had infiltrated protesters demonstrating during the recent North American leaders summit in Montebello, Que. but denied that they acted as “agent provocateurs” to instigate violence.

“They had the mandate to spot and identify violent demonstrators to avoid the situation from getting out of hand,” the Surete du Quebec said in a statement. “The police officers were identified by demonstrators when they refused to throw projectiles.

Protesters have accused police of planting agents outside the Chateau Montebello to instigate violence during Monday’s demonstration.

A prominent labour official pointed Wednesday to video made available on Youtube and photographs of three burly men, dressed as “Black Bloc” anarchists, standing out in the midst an otherwise peaceful sit-in adjacent to Surete du Quebec and RCMP riot squads.

The video shows the three black-clad bandana-wearing men being singled out by union organizers and the crowd. Other protesters started pointing at them and crying “police.”

One of the three men is seen shoving and swearing at Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada, who is angrily confronting the trio, demanding they put down the rocks, remove their bandanas, and identify themselves.

After being backed into a corner against a line of provincial police officers in riot gear, they try to force themselves through the police line and are arrested while the crowd cheers.

“People have the right to peacefully protest something they don’t like,” said Coles this week, demanding answers from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

“They think that they have the right to infiltrate us as they’ve done before. But to be packing large boulders, they were going to do something with those rocks and it wasn’t peaceful.”
Steve Joseph Watson has more :

Protest organizers confirmed that four arrests had been made in total during the summit, all of legitimate demonstrators, meaning that the arrests of the "anarchists" was a staged event purely for public and media consumption to create the myth that the police were responding to the fact that one of the anarchists was wielding a rock and attempting to break through a police line.

Watching the video, it is clearly evident that as soon as the trio are exposed as police, they try to casually drift back into police ranks before cops are forced to stage their arrests.

Firstly, why should we accept the notion that it's legitimate for police officers to engage in tactics more familiar to rogue intelligence agencies by disguising themselves as anarchists in order to spy on completely non-violent protesters who are merely exercising their right to peaceably assemble?

Secondly, if the police had to go to the lengths of staging arrests to perpetuate the myth that the "anarchists" were real protesters then why should we believe for a second that they weren't intent on causing violence, since they had armed themselves with projectiles?

We shouldn't believe it. It's clear what was supposed to happen, and it's clear who stopped the violence. Not the police, but the protesters themselves.