Thursday, June 07, 2007

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Reporter Arrested At Republican Bash For Asking Questions

Police Arrest CNN Affiliated Reporter On Orders Of Guiliani Aide

Reporter To Seek Criminal Indictments Against Guiliani Staffers, Police For Assault And Abuse Of First Ammendment Rights

Amazing footage of a reporter for an independent news site asking a member of Rudy Guiliani's staff valid questions about the presidential candidate, during a Republican media function last night, and then being removed and arrested by police, on the direct orders of a Guiliani aide.

(Go here if you have any problems viewing the video above)

The reporter, Matt Lepacek, was an accredited journalist, with CNN, so he had a legitimate reason to be at the media function. He was escorted from the venue by police, in the midst of a media swarm, and later released on $400 bail :

Though CNN staff members tried to persuade police not to arrest the accredited reporter-- in violation of the First Amendment, Lepacek was taken to jail...

...Lepacek was scared because he had been told he may be transferred to a secret detention facility because state police were also considering charges of espionage against him-- due to a webcam Lepacek was using to broadcast live at the event. State police considered it to be a hidden camera, which led to discussion of "espionage."

Wearing a webcam at a press event is not an act of espionage. Alex Jones, who was watching the live feed, witnessed Lepacek announce that he was wearing a camera connected to a laptop that was transmitting the press conference live at approximately 9:20 EST. When Lepacek announced that he was broadcasting live, Giuliani staff members responded by getting upset at his questions and ordering his arrest.

is being tagged "a conspiracy theorist", but as the video above clearly shows, he was only asking the Guiliani aide why the presidential candidate had changed his story about key events of the 9/11 attacks, based on quotes from Guiliani mainstream media interviews over the past six years.

The story, and video, is now going viral across the internet, and should be popping up in the mainstream media in the next day or two days.

Lepacek had previously questioned Guiliani about 9/11, in the company of New York City firefighters and family members of 9/11 victims.

The crux of Lepacek's questions to Guiliani concerned comments made by the candidate and widely reported on American cable news and mainstream news channels, and centred on why Guiliani said in one interview that he knew the Twin Towers were probably going to collapse on the morning of 9/11, and then later denied he had said any such thing.

Clearly, these are question Guiliani, and his staff, don't want to answer, but is that any reason to order police to not only remove an accredited journalist from a Republican function, but to also have him arrested?

Of course not.

The plot thickens, as anyone wanting to ask the New Hampshire police why the reporter was arrested are apparently told to contact the Secret Service.

UPDATE : The arrested reporter, Matt Lepacek, claims he was assaulted by police and a person believed to be a secret service agent during his arrest. He is now planning to pursue criminal indictments against Rudy Guiliani staffers, the police and possibly the Secret Service.

Lepacek is now entering into a legal fight, based on his constitutional rights, that will follow him for the rest of his days. But he is right to do so. It is a clear case of wrongful arrest and an attempt to oppress legitimate media. He posed no threat to Guiliani's staff, or other reporters in the room, many of whom were asking why he was being ejected and arrested :
Matt Lepacek, the reporter who was kicked out of the CNN press room and arrested after asking Rudy Giuliani's staff a question, has now been released on bail. Criminal indictments are now being pursued against the police involved as well as Giuliani's staffers for their flagrant abuse of the First Amendment, assault and wrongful arrest.

Another eyewitness said that the entire arrest was clearly being directed by Secret Service, who were ordering the police to threaten anyone who asked questions about the incident with arrest.