Saturday, January 28, 2006

Robots Don't Cry

Us Army Has Big Plans For Its Robot Soldiers

By Darryl Mason

A new Pentagon report reveals the US Army are planning no major increase to their ground force numbers over the next four years. Their HUMAN ground force numbers, that is.

But they love the idea of weaponised robots. No families, of course, no health insurance, no protests when they return from the killing fields and best of all, no body counts :
" the Pentagon blueprint, officials are once again talking about a futuristic force of robots, networked computers and drone aircraft."
When most of your frontline troops are gunned-up robots and expensive toy helicopters and airplanes armed with missiles, your soldiers don't break up under the stress of being a human who has been ordered to kill other humans.

So when US soldiers come face to face with the soul-destroying realities of war, they won't react like humans.

Instead, they'll react like this :

"Hey, I'm just a robot with four big guns, they haven't taught me how to feel....yet."

An article in the LA Times explains how :
"...the Pentagon's last major review in 2001 concluded that the military would be large enough to simultaneously fight two major wars, and be able to carry out 'regime change' and occupation in one of the two."
Even Pentagon plans don't always turn out to be on the right side of The Truth, and the Iraq Experience has shocked all layers of the US military and the government. Particularly those who thought de-Saddaming Iraq would be "a slam dunk" and therefore didn't bother to plan for a violent resistance and literally hundreds of car and suicide bombings.
"The Iraq war has been a nonstop embarrassment....Some of the senior policy makers don't want to believe what they're watching on their television sets."
They're not the only ones.